Authentic Swiss cheese fondues

SOS Fondue for a Simply Organized Supper!

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Mixture of Gruyère AOP and Le Freddo, white wine, kirsch and garlic.

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Mixture of Swiss Gruyère and Emmental, white wine, kirsch and garlic.

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Mixture of Swiss Gruyère and Emmental, white wine, kirsch, garlic, herbs and spices. A well-kept Swiss family recipe!

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Switzerland’s most popular recipe! 50% Gruyère and 50% Vacherin Fribourgeois, white wine, kirsch and garlic. A sharp cheese with incomparable smoothness.

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A combination of Swiss Gruyère and Emmental, beer and garlic. A unique and artisanal Swiss fondue made with Amber microbrewery beer. The perfect marriage of flavours from Switzerland and Quebec!

Starting from  $27.00

Mixture of Swiss Gruyère and Emmental, tomato purée, garlic and herbs.

Perfect as an appetizer, tapas, or a side dish, these 6 delicious mini baguettes are made with our delectably popular fondue selections.

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SOS Fondue - idées de recette avec fondue au fromage

Discover our simple and delicious recipe ideas that put cheese fondue in the spotlight!

Do you love classic cheese fondue? You’ll melt for our recipe ideas that showcase many different ways to enjoy cheese fondue!

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Indulge in the comforts of fall and enjoy a fondue that will warm your soul.

With your sweetheart, family or friends, savour your delectable fondue by the fire from the comfort and warmth of your home.

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Our fondue mixes explained

Our ready-to-serve fondue mixtures are made from a combination of Swiss-imported Gruyère, Vacherin and Emmental and include a 2nd pouch with the liquid and garlic. The corn starch is already provided in the cheese mixture. There’s nothing to add; your fondue is ready in five minutes!

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Beer fondue

Discover our microbrewery Amber Swiss cheese fondue!

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