Our authentic Swiss cheese fondues are entirely made by hand in our production facilities in Val-David, in the Laurentides.

Our ready-to-serve fondue mixtures are made from a combination of Swiss-imported Gruyère and Emmental and include a 2nd pouch with the liquid and garlic. The corn starch is already provided in the cheese mix. There’s nothing to add; your fondue is ready in five minutes!

Unlike the fondue preparations found in supermarkets, our product is fresh and contains no preservatives. It can be kept in the fridge for over 20 days, or stored in the freezer for up to 4 months without affecting the taste or freshness.

Our fondues are guaranteed lactose-free, since hard cheeses made in Switzerland undergo a refining process which eliminates all traces of lactose.

Your fondue delivered right to your home.

A unique service!

Whether you’re ordering for a reception or for dinner for two, make one quick call and you’ll receive our authentic Swiss cheese fondue preparation the next day with our home delivery service between Montréal and Mont Tremblant.

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