Croc’ Fondue

Cheese fondue-stuffed mini baguettes

Introducing our brand new Croc’Fondue, available exclusively in our Val-David boutique and online! Perfect as an appetizer, tapas, or a side dish, these 6 delicious mini baguettes are made with our delectably popular fondue selections. Croc’Fondue is ready in no time flat: simply remove the tray from the outer packaging, bake in a 375°F oven for 15 minutes, then broil for 2 minutes. Cooking time may vary from one oven to another. We suggest checking them periodically.

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A selection of 6 baguettes made from our authentic cheese fondues






Edelweiss / Suissesse

Une fois vos Croc’Fondue reçus chez vous, mettez-les au congélateur. For best results, cook from frozen.

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Heat, stir, and enjoy!

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Our authentic fondues are entirely prepared by hand in our workshop in Val-David. Unlike other factory-assembled boxes found in supermarkets, our product is sold fresh and contains no preservatives.

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